"Our Destiny is to Merge with Infinity"

…said the teabag tag.

New year thrusts forth the notion that we will receive a clean slate handed to us at the stroke of midnight. Though this mentally transpires due to intoxication, it is us who must shift perspective to this new state of mind independent of chronology.

It is this illusion that change only exists when we exert our will upon the universe, but it is the universe, ultimately, that is in constant flux and affects all life forms as a result. Impermanence, change, is necessary and an innate foundation of life. It is “okay” for things to change. We are not in a stoic state. Time is passing, we decompose. However, life is simultaneous, keeping rhythm with this and these accidents, coincidences, and “planned” occurences are all relative. Is it according to plan? What is the plan? Does one need “a plan” and why?

Is this a cruel, sick joke in which fleeting, meaningful moments ensnare entire being only to be interrupted by mundane being or is it in pure being that meaning is found? Perhaps there is no meaning in pure being, our hearts mechanistically pumping, each of us dead until the next significant moment pulls us from tragedy to elation?

I watched an “Ugly Betty” marathon all day yesterday. All day, splayed across my couch, uninvolved, living vicariously through a fictional character who selflessly undermines the beauty standard by enforcing compassion with her mere existence. Imagine that.

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