Poem, Jupiter Uranus Square

These rabid blind details.Reciprocation,icebox curseit is new language. Lovers: when Jupiter,in 12 years, contemplatedyou, now, on January 22.Make hands, make a significantera. Uranus, ‘the Awakener’ hits cosmic you. You. Most significant banana.Rabid reciprocations inthe language icebox.

Poem, 17

post of olive marrow,winter lasso, arrivedeach a mother,a matron, & mistressunder the universe’scruel microscope.each mind lettersa scientist and then,17 of them: “I am awhisper.” And then,all that cuts thirst,all in her walk tothe still lake, allin each crimson gushthe maid cries into her keys.”It must be.” For pistachiomyth, this extinct exchange,no cuneiform across men’smysteries, chests,aches,…… Continue reading Poem, 17

Letter Spirit

The Letter Spirit project is an attempt to model central aspects of human high-level perception and creativity on a computer. It is based on the belief that creativity is an automatic outcome of the existence of sufficiently flexible and context-sensitive concepts — what we call fluid concepts. Accordingly, our goal is to implement a model…… Continue reading Letter Spirit

Poem, Fins to Scale

(^^My fictional album cover, above^^)In my Sanskrit state,in my still celluloid dream,the last gelatine poemssevered from scrolls & minerals. I’m the demographic gaffe,protest me. This fission of girl, this scaling. I, beheaded, a loving cup smirk. My life a mussel—a soft gun,a parliament of flora,my name.

Finch Me A Vacuum

Artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot. Saw his installation, From Hear to Ear seven years ago at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. He recently had an exhibit in NY (below) of vaccuum cleaners producing sound via strategically-placed harmonicas. In the backdrop of this exhibit, he a magnified a candle flame and kept the camera steady upon it. He…… Continue reading Finch Me A Vacuum

“Birds of the Baltic: An Orinthological Travelogue”, E.J. Barnes (Drowned Town Press, 2005)

This unique peek into bird watching across the Baltics is done in an accessible, comic book format, complete with light-yet- compelling narrative. The characters visit the Baltics for vacation (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia), and their first stop is the Lithuania’s captial, Vilnius. During their tour around Gediminas’ Pilis (Grand Duke Gediminas’ Castle), the female character…… Continue reading “Birds of the Baltic: An Orinthological Travelogue”, E.J. Barnes (Drowned Town Press, 2005)

“I like philosophy as an anonymous job”

Žižek circumnavigates one ideology within this short-yet-inspiring documentary. It is a document, yes, of him going from one speaking engagement to another, decrying the attendance to his lectures by students and budding philosophers alike and observing his son as essence: the natural form of un-love. It is a deception, this idea of love. What we…… Continue reading “I like philosophy as an anonymous job”

Peter Yates’ Psyche

After watching BULLITT from way back when, I have come to the conclusion that I have great admiration for a director that commands presence with silence, utilizes an emotional climax with only subtlety…the undertow of intensity. Wind-blown wisps of hair across porcelain foreheads and glazed, horse-eyed gazes on the beach. Like Jacqueline Bissett, I discover…… Continue reading Peter Yates’ Psyche

“I’m Sick of Symmetry”

Viewed Buñel’s 1974 classic, “Phantom Of Liberty”. Have to note that I did the bougeoise thing and twice rewound a scene in which a police academy professor turns around only to reveal the age-old prank of having a piece of paper pinned to his back. Buñel masterfully weaves several subplots into one another, illustrating the…… Continue reading “I’m Sick of Symmetry”


Saw “Veronika Voss” by Fassbinder. The film offers two themes: the dichotomous “Jeckyll And Hyde” metaphor and the idea of life imitating art. This realistic post-war Germany piece is stunning. Though filmed in 1982, the film’s setting and cinematography is authentic to the period, believeable in its stark representation of Germany’s identity crisis, post-Nazi era.…… Continue reading Mind-Binder

Užupis Mano Akis

Daugau (more, volume)baltas (white, veins) Karsta (hot, sound)Zinosti (I know, your inertia) Vandiens (water, a bruised beach)Ausra (dawn, a chanteuse planet) Kojes (feet, werewolf machines)Smeles (sand, B positive) Ateik (come closer, monument lover)