“The Master Plan”: Baltic-produced doc successfully funded & brought to Chicago

The Master Plan—an investigative documentary that explores the methods through which Russia influences the domestic policy of the Baltic States—was successfully screened at The Music Box Theatre in Chicago on November 13, 2017, and in December at the Chicago Ukrainian Cultural Center. The film explores how Putin’s propaganda machine has been implemented in the Baltic…… Continue reading “The Master Plan”: Baltic-produced doc successfully funded & brought to Chicago

Poems in Vilnius Review!

I’m very honored to be published in the Vilnius Review this month! The editor—Marius Burokas—was recently interviewed in a local Lithuanian arts and culture newspaper, Bernardinai, mentioning the growing desire of poets and writers in the diaspora to bridge the gap with their native counterparts. Marius was kind enough to mention me as one the poets in the…… Continue reading Poems in Vilnius Review!

Interview, Rain Taxi

I’m so pleased to announce that Rain Taxi has published an interview by Michael Stephens about White Stockings. Interview here

Interview, The Conversant (with Virginia Konchan)

Back in March, I was interviewed for The Conversant by Virginia Konchan. We discussed my new poetry collection, White Stockings, identity and displacement, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Interview here.  

Book Release • White Stockings

Since 2004, Ukraine has been locked in a struggle with Russia to maintain autonomy—be it via puppet government officials, propaganda, or bloodshed. To date, more than 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have died defending their right to be independent. As a Lithuanian-American with some Ukrainian roots, I am deeply disturbed as I watch this series…… Continue reading Book Release • White Stockings

Cinepoetry Teaser • White Stockings

I’ve been tirelessly working on a new poetry manuscript called White Stockings for the last year (since the unrest erupted in Ukraine). As a Lithuanian-American, I strongly support Ukraine’s right to independence. I stand with many in the Baltic countries who are banning together to back the Ukrainian people. My contribution is small, it is an artistic/poetic…… Continue reading Cinepoetry Teaser • White Stockings

Cosmic Points

“The universe is an infinite sphere, the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere.”

Missionary Okiagari

Now this quiet seems quiet. Now these pallid proclivities. Now I swallow hard behind the chickadee tree, institutional glass, ugly starfruits. Now little Poetry Priest gets up. Now thick, round rainmaker tightens laces woven through bootholes. Now seahorses swallowing my toes. Now here’s your big brash girl— with a spadix in her teeth, wanting so much.   Okiagari-koboshi, “the…… Continue reading Missionary Okiagari

Language Straddle

6 – Do you have any theoretical concerns behind your writing? What kinds of questions are you trying to answer with your work? What do you even think the current questions are? Russian sociolinguist Bakhtin wrote of heteroglossia, the idea of language hierarchy or conflict within the mind and how it influences language decisions. This meant…… Continue reading Language Straddle

Poem: May All Beings Enjoy Happiness (Maitri Says)

Each day is a rabbit. Everything is an uncomfortable list; it is everything that is uncomfortable, this is the point. Hummingbird, whale, rabbit, deer, dog, goldfinch—there is never any future point, there is just now and the next thing. A crown brain. The next cradle mole burrowing, the next thing: pain. The next thing: seed.…… Continue reading Poem: May All Beings Enjoy Happiness (Maitri Says)

Interview, Mutable Sound

I transcontinentally conversed with the publisher/director of Mutable Sound books (and music) to discuss my newest book, SPINY RETINAS. Check it out.

Quantum Poetics: Jacket2 • Failed Star Spawns Planet/Star

Amy Catanzano, author of Starlight in Two Million, discusses poets whose works use science (“from [the perspective of the] investigative, speculative, conceptual, documentary, and more) to “science as a form of address to and from the notion of the other.” My work is featured at the end of this insightful piece and a poem line…… Continue reading Quantum Poetics: Jacket2 • Failed Star Spawns Planet/Star

Writing to the Ukraine via Lithuania

I’m writing a new poetry chapbook and it addresses what is happening in Ukraine from the perspective of a Lithuanian-American (as we watch news events unfold daily, the West and Russia’s once-somewhat-civil ties unravel). I’m using the metaphor of lack of clarity (or vision, or even precision) via a mythological group of female Baltic snipers.…… Continue reading Writing to the Ukraine via Lithuania

Atticus Review, Interview, Poetry & Place

  Here’s a delightful blurb about poetry & place by me. Here’s an interview about poetry & place featuring me and Larry Sawyer. Here’s some of my poy-ems dealing with dream places/spaces.

Poetry News: 2014

So I have a few back-dated as well as TBD announcements: 1. December 2013: the awesome Brian Lucas (Oakland, CA)—who puts together a lovely project called POETBOOK—published a few of my poems from Professional Poetry (accompanied with cool visuals). Check it out here. 2. Requited Journal poems here. These poems were from my e-pub, HONEY…… Continue reading Poetry News: 2014

Poems, Requited

I have some old/new poems from my collection, HONEY IS A SHE, up at Requited Journal.