“Professional Poetry” Now available on Amazon

My newest book, Professional Poetry, is now available on Amazon. Like, right now. Buy it up, share with friends, rejoice in its instructional and compelling wonder. Become a part of it, live it, feel it, own it. Wrap yourself in its luxuriousness. Get crazy with it. Slap yourself with it. Then love it some more. Poetry…… Continue reading “Professional Poetry” Now available on Amazon

The Ascension of James Pate

Review of James Pate’s The Fassbinder Diaries (CCM, 2013) by Lina ramona Vitkauskas To view a Fassbinder film: You must possess simultaneous restlessness and patience (as in life) You must be prepared to watch characters continue on paths they seemed doomed to repeat, self-destruct once they break free (as in life, perhaps helplessly watching a…… Continue reading The Ascension of James Pate

Dream Poems, Spork

Check out new dream-inspired poems from my upcoming chapbook, These Are My Dreams, at Spork

Methods of Ekphrasis & A Neon Tryst

The centuries-old act of ekphrasis—describing one artform in the medium of another—has traditionally existed as direct description. Defined as a literary description of, or commentary on, a visual work of art, ekphrasis has evolved within the last two centuries with the emergence of objet trouvé and notional ekphrasis.  Notional ekphrasis offers three, currently established possibilities…… Continue reading Methods of Ekphrasis & A Neon Tryst

Collaboration, 12 Intrigues (with Tashi Ko)

I’m extremely excited to be working on a collaborative piece currently with Tashi Ko called 12 Intrigues. This online dialogue between conceptual artists and writers all over the world is refreshing, in a time when the majority of poets in the US (with some very admirable exceptions) have become especially competitive, inclusive and non-communal. Poets…… Continue reading Collaboration, 12 Intrigues (with Tashi Ko)

Poem: Vasaros, Collaboration w/Jeff Wichmann (Koto)

2007, 2008? Me reading in Lithuanian accompanied by koto player, Jeff Wichmann (a short poem I wrote — surreal in nature, of course, no apologies/ it’s grammar-shy and non-linear). Summer—where are you going?I am your granddaughter,the hill smokes. One cold girl,and the window is a child. Summer—where are you going? Crying about Americawith a red mouth;…… Continue reading Poem: Vasaros, Collaboration w/Jeff Wichmann (Koto)

Poems, Coconut

I have some new poems up at Coconut magazine and I’m in great company! tomaz salamun +++ krystal languell +++ joe wenderoth cara benson +++ christopher salerno +++ alexis pope tyler gobble +++ laura relyea +++ megin jimenez caroline knox +++ nick sturm +++ stephanie anderson anthony robinson +++ joe ahearn +++ adam deutsch amy herschleb +++ jennifer firestone +++ thomas fink lina ramona vitkauskas +++ julie choffel +++ brian howe laura cesarco eglin +++ michael rerick +++ paul siegell gina abelkop +++ emily toder +++ caroline davidson

Poem: Dear White Wolf Spider

I’ve been meaning to tell you,I could sense you left my innerspacelast weekend, you burrowed intothe loamy soil, as a sitcom orherring—the transitions stunk. There’s been something wild here,an urgency of bloodshot messes;could Sundays be, again (perhaps)against us in a foggy vacuum,silt & buttresses of limbs,all the elms coveting us? You,       yes, everywhere in my…… Continue reading Poem: Dear White Wolf Spider

“A book of codes and lost histories, grainy film stock and the harder-to-catch frequencies”

James Pate reviews my book, A Neon Tryst, here @ Montevideayo. “These poems are like flashing, oblique messages from a dead or yet-to-be country. From the nocturnal neon tryst between lateness and image. Between static and paranoia. When you read Vitkauskas’ book, it seems like it’s after midnight, and everyone for miles around is asleep.”

The Next. Big. Thing.

What is the title of the book? A Neon Tryst Where did the idea come from for the book? It’s a collection of ekphrastic poems featuring the films L’Eclisse (director Michelangelo Antonioni); Seconds (director John Frankenheimer); and Wild Strawberries (director Ingmar Bergman). Though divided in three separate sections by film, the collection stands as one, cohesive piece, as all main characters…… Continue reading The Next. Big. Thing.

Algebra Suicide

  Enjoy Lydia Tomkiw, belle of Chicago’s disjointed poetic collaboration, Algebra Suicide. How true and tragic these turns: “It’s was keeps our glands oiling.” I was also given (to borrow) Joe Soap’s Canoe from the UK (Copyright 1991) which included essays on poems that poets were assigned. Citics/essayists included Paul Violi, Tony Towle, and Simon…… Continue reading Algebra Suicide