I want to sincerely thank Robert Hansen at Poems-For-All for publishing two of my poems as mini-books to be “scattered like seeds” into the universe.

New White Stockings Teaser Cinepoem • More to come, 2018 Stanford AABS

Here’s a brief cinepoem teaser to re-introduce my poetry collection, White Stockings (2015/2016). I put this together in Adobe Spark in about 5 hours (my second attempt at video production/editing). I’m collaborating with an actual, real-life, super-talented visual artist, Tess Cortes (check her out, she’s quite amazing). I’ll be unveiling about 5-6 cinepoems at the AABS Conference…

First White Stockings cinepoem

My poetry book, White Stockings, is available on lulu.com, however, I’ve been creating a series of cinepoems based upon it. The video below is my first attempt, using my own still photos from a “White Stockings”-inspired photo shoot in 2015. It was created in iMovie, before I started tutoring myself in Adobe Premiere.

The Master Plan, Baltic-produced doc, successfully funded & brought to Chicago

The Master Plan—an investigative documentary that explores the methods through which Russia influences the domestic policy of the Baltic States—was successfully screened at The Music Box Theatre in Chicago on November 13, 2017, and in December at the Chicago Ukrainian Cultural Center. The film explores how Putin’s propaganda machine has been implemented in the Baltic…

Poems in the Vilnius Review!

I’m very honored to be published in the Vilnius Review this month! The editor—Marius Burokas—was recently interviewed in a local Lithuanian arts and culture newspaper, Bernardinai, mentioning the growing desire of poets and writers in the diaspora to bridge the gap with their native counterparts. Marius was kind enough to mention me as one the poets in the…

Vilnius Review, Article • White Stockings

Honored to be featured in this article in the Vilnius Review alongside many contemporary Lithuanian/American/Canadian writers. Many thanks to Violeta Kelertas! Article here.