How Much Violence Silence Makes

When the owls saw us,
the world was dying, the snap
of a twig, loud as political
paralysis. We were low to
the ground, crowns of liquefied
claws, we animated ourselves,
cut off our own fingers.
We would fight. Would. We.

How much can Mother be bad? How
much will stratum-rabbit shudder
before Mother? How much violence silence
makes, in old photos, 5D, how much
our brains pulse, our pine cone hearts
husked (how much I jotted down
in this notebook to avoid seeing eyes).

Everyman impotent / unwilling /
barometer negligent, so much
unlearned, so much self-

When the owls spoke:
all of the illusions we live
told us to jump off, to tweest
and shout, socialize our disappearing

I wrote this poetry book from the perspective of a daughter of displaced people & how residual effects of trauma still linger intergenerationally. My family were immigrants who had a path, yet still had no guidebook to this place called America & all of her confusing ways.

The book is mainly dedicated to protecting children from the harm it causes: being taken from their home, running with parents / relatives / strangers from traumatic conditions, and trying to adapt in a new environment so foreign from anything they’ve known. The cruel act of taking children away from their parents—after a long, harsh journey of emotional & physical distress—is psychologically damaging for life.

I’m donating 75% of proceeds of sales from my book to The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES).

Buy here & I will post each donation & tag (if you don’t prefer a shout-out, let me know). At this time, poetry can heal and create awareness, and mass action is what we need now more than ever. Let’s keep fighting & show that all humanity is not lost: WE CARE. And as Americans, as HUMAN BEINGS, we should be PROTECTING CHILDREN!

George @ MoMA

I’m very, very excited to announce that this amazing documentary about visionary Lithuanian, George Mačiunas, leader of the Fluxus movement, will be screened February 20 – 26 at MoMA.
Go see it if you’re in NYC! Bonus: listen for George’s mother’s voice in the film, you may hear someone familiar (my voice!). So incredibly humbled to be a part of this film.

New Poetry Book Released • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

I’ve written and produced my final poetry book, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). It took roughly two years to write. After one year of a frightening, violating political climate and three years’ estrangement from my family, this book was a labor of necessity. MOFA is an epigenetic poetic diary that explores inherited trauma from my mother’s side of the family (displaced from North Caucasus -> Lithuania -> Brazil -> Canada -> US) and my father’s side (displaced from Lithuania -> Germany -> US).

The book is now available via Lulu from Secret Airplanes Press.