How Much Violence Silence Makes

When the owls saw us, the world was dying, the snap of a twig, loud as political paralysis. We were low to the ground, crowns of liquefied claws, we animated ourselves, cut off our own fingers. We would fight. Would. We. How much can Mother be bad? How much will stratum-rabbit shudder before Mother? How […]

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I wrote this poetry book from the perspective of a daughter of displaced people & how residual effects of trauma still linger intergenerationally. My family were immigrants who had a path, yet still had no guidebook to this place called America & all of her confusing ways. The book is mainly dedicated to protecting children […]

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George @ MoMA

I’m very, very excited to announce that this amazing documentary about visionary Lithuanian, George Mačiunas, leader of the Fluxus movement, will be screened February 20 – 26 at MoMA. Go see it if you’re in NYC! Bonus: listen for George’s mother’s voice in the film, you may hear someone familiar (my voice!). So incredibly humbled […]

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