White Stockings, Book Release!

Since 2004, Ukraine has been locked in a struggle with Russia to maintain autonomy—be it via puppet government officials, propaganda, or bloodshed. To date, more than 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have died defending their right to be independent. As a Lithuanian-American with some Ukrainian roots, I am deeply disturbed as I watch this series […]


I recently arrived at the intersection of two personal discoveries and a small poetic experiment—Umwelt—was the result (poems are being collected and edited currently).   So here we had a: A vague genealogical connection + An old MySpace “diary” from 2005 = Umwelt (German = “environment”)   Jakob Johann Baron von Uexküll I uncovered that I […]

White Stockings – Teaser Cinepoetry

I’ve been tirelessly working on a new poetry manuscript called WHITE STOCKINGS for the last year (since the unrest erupted in Ukraine). As a Lithuanian-American, I strongly support Ukraine’s right to independence. I stand with many in the Baltic countries who are banning together to back the Ukrainian people. My contribution is small, it is an […]