milk magazine reading series – September 28, Type Books, Toronto
with Jennifer LoveGrove (sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets)

League of Canadian Poets Reading – May 5, Toronto (Zoom)
with Amanda Merpaw, Kerry Jo Bell, Kimberley Orton, Margaret Code, Simon Constam, and Vironika Wilde


Alpha60 – pre-recorded poetry reading featured in Michael Lewy moving AR installation (Sponsored by Boston Cyberarts & Hoverlay)

Voice of Trees – audio installation in High Park, Toronto


Eve of Poetry Reading – December, Halifax (Zoom)
with Carolyne Van Der Meer, Lisa Richter, John Emil Vincent, Jean-Phillipe Raiche, Kayla Geitzler


Reading @ Myopic Books (with Zak Mucha, LCSW)


  • “Temporary America” @ Outer Space Studio – 100K Poets for Change, Chicago – Red Rover Series / Curator (in memory of Barbara Barg)
  • AABS Conference @ Stanford University “Illustrating Baltic Experience: Hybrid Texts and Contexts” – With Maija Burima (Daugavpils University); Elīna Skujina, Art Academy of Latvia; Jocelyn Bartkevicius, University of Central Florida. Presenting cinepoems: White Stockings. Visual artist: Tess Cortes.


Woman Made Gallery 20th International Invitational Reading (with Marty McConnell, Toni Asante Lightfoot, Marilyn Nelson, Angela Narciso Torres)


Red Rover Reading Series, Experiment #93 – Exhaustion & Solidarity (with Hannah Keene, Keith S. Wilson, & Cean Gamalinda)


Past Readings


  • The Poetry Center of Chicago (with Tyler Mills and Larry Sawyer)
  • Napkin Poetry Reading (with Gene Tanta and Daniel Borzutzky)
  • Red Rover Reading Series (with Jena Osman, Maureen Thorson, and Patrick Durgin)
  • Matter Monthly Reading @ MATILDA – One year anniversary of Matter


  • “Private Eyes (They’re Watching You)” @ Outer Space Studio – 100K Poets for Change, Chicago – Red Rover Series / Curator
  • Ipsento Cafe (with Larry Sawyer)
  • Radio Free Albion” Podcast, Hosted by Tony Trigilio
  • The Dollhouse Reading Series (with Amanda Smeltz, Evan Glasson, and Colleen O’Connor)


  • “We Can Be Heroes” @ Outer Space Studio – 100K Poets for Change, Chicago – Red Rover Series / Curator (with Darren Angle, Barbara Barg, Carlos Cumpian, Denise Dooley, Dan Godston, Laura Goldstein, Kurt Heinz, Parneshia Jones, Jennifer Karmin, Virginia Konchan, Toni Asante Lightfoot, Monica Long, Mario, Ladan Osman, Johanny Vasquez Paz, Timothy David Rey, Kenyatta Rogers, Lew Rosenbaum, Larry Sawyer, Keli Stewart, & Steven Teref)
  • Wright State University: Visiting Writers Series (with Larry Sawyer)
  • Wĭt Rabbit Reading Series @ Quencher’s (with Matt Corey, Rogers Reeves, & Hannah Gamble)


  • Danny’s Reading Series @ Danny’s Tavern (with Nathan Hoks & Garin Cycholl)
  • Myopic Books Poetry Series (with Traci Brimhall)
  • HUMAN MICROPOEM @ Occupy Chicago (with Jen Karmin, Larry Sawyer, Laura Goldstein, Barbara Barg, Kurt Heintz, Eric Elshtain, John Wilkinson, John Keene, Andrew Cantrell, Daniel Borzutzky, Braden Coucher, & Jen Besemer)
  • “Bad Date America” @ Outer Space Studio – 100K Poets for Change, Chicago – Red Rover Series / Curator (with Jen Karmin, Larry Sawyer, Laura Goldstein, Roger Reeves, Barbara Barg, Tony Trigilio, Don Share, Philip Jenks, Francesco Levato, Toni Asante-Lightfoot, Anthony Madrid, Kaveh Adel, Dan Godston, Ruth Goring, Ezzat Goushegir, Kurt Heintz, Marcy Rae Henry, Monica Long, Mario, Ario Mashayekhi, Charlie Newman, Ladan Osman, Timothy David Ray, Kenyatta Rogers, Jacob Saenz, & Keli Stewart)
  • KUNZ, VIS, PROJECTS. (Featured Reader) – In response to the artwork of Ida Kvetny (Denmark) & Chuck Webster (New York)
  • TriQuarterly Launch Party @ Riverview Tavern (with David Trinidad, James Tadd Adcox, Jeffrey Allen, Garret J. Brown, & Reginald Gibbons)


  • Wesley Kimler’s Studio (with Museum of Contemporary Art’s Lynne Warren & musician Nicholas Tremulis). Curated by Simone Muench.
  • Snow City Arts: What Bright Thread Continues @ Floating World Gallery (with Garin Cycholl, Kristy Odelius, Srikanth Reddy, Luis Humberto Valadez, Eric Elshtain, Erin Teegarden, & Paul Sznewajs). Read poems by children at Children’s Memorial, Rush, & Stroger hospitals.
  • Myopic Books Poetry Series (with Jamie Kazay)
  • Switchback Books’ Housewarming Party & The Poetry Center of Chicago @ Fulton Street Collective (with Simone Muench, Carlo Matos, & Brandi Homan)



  • Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) Day, Sponsored by Switchback Books @ Medicine Park (with Melissa Severin, Nina Corwin & Suzanne Osman, Becca Klaver, Brandi Homan, Hannah Andrews, Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert, Jen Watman, Erika Mikkalo with artist Salem Collo-Justin, Jennifer Karmin & Lisa Janssen, & Murakami Sound Machine)
  • First Fridays @ DvA Gallery  (with Larry Sawyer, Michael C. Watson, & Shelley Nation)
  • PFS POST Reading @ Kate the Great’s Bookstore (with Adam Fieled, Steve Halle, Larry Sawyer, & Melissa Severin)


  • Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention Offsite Event @ SAIC 
  • Information Booth: Duet for Caller and Oracle Audio Installation @ UIC (with performance artist Vincent Dermody)
  • The City Visible: Chicago Poetry for the New Century Reading & Discussion @ Lewis University for undergraduate poetry class, Professor Simone Muench (with Larry Sawyer, Kristy Odelius, Garin Cycholl, Ray Bianchi, Joel Craig, Chris Glomski, & Bill Allegrezza)
  • Reading & Discussion @ North Park University for undergraduate poetry class, Professor Kristy Odelius (with Larry Sawyer)
  • The City Visible: Chicago Poetry for the New Century @ Gethsemane Evangelical Church (with Nick Twemlow, Robyn Schiff, Johanny Vázquez Paz, Robert Archambeau, Joel Felix, Peter O’Leary, Garin Cycholl, Chris Glomski, Simone Muench, Cynthia Bond, Kristy Odelius, Larry Sawyer, William Allegrezza, Jorge Sanchez, Tony Trigilio, Jennifer Karmin, Ray Bianchi, Kerri Sonnenberg, & Eric Elshtain)
  • Geometric Abstract Reading @ Woman Made Gallery, Curator (featuring Michelle Taransky, Jen Besemer, Jennifer Ashston, & Christine Neacole Kanowik)
  • B.Y.O.P, Bring Your Own People, Sponsored by the Guild Complex @ Peter Jones Gallery (with Jason Bredle, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Erin Teegarden, & others)
  • Artists Behind the Desk, Sponsored by Northwestern University’s Women’s Center (panelist)
  • ONE POEM, Presented by UniVerse, A United Nations of Poetry @ Flatfile Gallery
  • “Superfight” by Reconstruction Room @ Black Rock Bar (No-holds-barred reading, performance, screening, and demo of work about fighting, curated by Fred Sasaki)
  • Series A @ Hyde Park Art Center (with Tim Yu, Simone Muench, Garin Cycholl, Kristy Odelius, Ray Bianchi, and Bill Allegrezza)
  • Peace Concert @ SGI Chicago Culture Center
  • Poetry in Translation @ Woman Made Gallery (Featuring work translated work: Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Lithuanian, and more – with Ray Bianchi & Waltraud Haas; Chris Glomski/Italian; Francesco Levato/Italian; Radmila Lunic/Serbian; Jennifer Scapettone/Italian; Steven Schroeder & Huichun (Amy) Liang/Chinese; Lina ramona Vitkauskas/Lithuanian; and Jackie White/Spanish. Held during the 10th International Exhibition of visual artworks which was juried by author and artist Audrey Niffenegger.
  • Reading & Discussion @ Indiana University-Northwest for undergraduate poetry class, Professor William Allegrezza (with Larry Sawyer)


  • Red Rover Experimental Reading: “Draw Near” @ LOCUS (with Joel Felix, Arielle Greenberg, A.D. Jameson, Mike Newirth, Ed Roberson, Fred Sasaki, Tony Trigilio, Michelle Tupko, & Leila Wilson)
  • Multicultural Reading @ Balzekas Lithuanian Museum  (with Zinta Aistars, Art Weilgus, Cleatus-Cherokee-Lee Murdaugh, & Nina Marshall)
  • Speak Truth to Power: An Evening of Protest Poetry @ Acme Arts Building
  • Van Gogh’s Ear Reading @ Quimby’s (with Larry Sawyer & Robin Metz)
  • dancing girl press Release Reading @ Quimby’s (with Kristy Bowen & Sarah Gardner)
  • “Here Comes the Bride” Reading @ Woman Made Gallery (with Lauren Levato, Maureen Tolman Flannery, Constance Vogel, & Alison Joseph)
  • Reading @ Café Express, Evanston (with Larry Sawyer)


  • UR CHICAGO Interview (article about milk magazine, Nov. 10-Dec. 7 issue)
  • Red Letter Reading Series @ Woodland Pattern Bookstore, Milwaukee, WI (with Ander Monson)
  • The Lit Show, WNUR (milk magazine interviewed on Northwestern University radio, 89.3 WNUR, The Lit Show)
  • milk magazine Marathon Reading @ The Café (with Daniel Borzutzky, Chuck Stebelton, John Beer, Charlie Newman, Mark Tardi, Kerri Sonnenberg, Erika Mikkalo, Dave Awl, & Larry Sawyer)
  • milk magazine + ink & ashes Reading @ DvA Gallery (with Larry Sawyer and ink & ashes editors, Lauren Matthews & Francesco Levato)
  • Reading @ Myopic Books (with Charlie Newman)
  • Fractal Edge Press Reading @ DvA Gallery

Recorded Readings — Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ): Chicago Amplified

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