“I like philosophy as an anonymous job”

Žižek circumnavigates one ideology within this short-yet-inspiring documentary. It is a document, yes, of him going from one speaking engagement to another, decrying the attendance to his lectures by students and budding philosophers alike and observing his son as essence: the natural form of un-love.

It is a deception, this idea of love. What we do not know about Žižek is all we need to know. It is his exigence: this idea of anonymity combined with the idea of utterance pronouncing existence.

Not being one who clearly understands the Marxist bent/Lacanian analysis, but one who intends to further my study, I took away from this documentary:

1. “anti-metaphysics, [that is] the absurdity to theorize the All, because something will always remain un-theorized.”

2. Pleasure with constraint, i.e. his example of the Dostoevsky model: “If God doesn’t exist, everything permitted. If God doesn’t exist, everything is prohibited.”

I must return to my surrealist domain, I must further study his philosophies as these are but small representations of the ironic “whole” which he denounces. I like the idea of an anonymous philosophy, that is, one that shifts its position for proper metaphysical suicide and Uber-Freudian submersion. If I am a woman who comprehends parallel universes, I at least understand that a non-revolution occurring in another dimension is my anonymous revolution for mankind.


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