RASA KALINAUSKAITE, a journalist from Vilnius:

“…when I construct voices by myself, a montage is done, performed by you – you cut out pauses. If we consider voice as a construct of modern epoch, that is the voice without pauses. These days, people avoid pauses, they fear pauses. Because voice without pauses is information…and the more information, the more it is valuable. Although I think that the voice principally resists such castration, as perhaps the most valuable elements are sighs, natural inhalations, exhalations, some kind of bodily physiology, everything what is inclusive in pauses…You just observe it how physical bits of voice…are cut out…the voice is no longer there…”

I have translated one of Kalinauskaite’s poems, Coversations with Teo. I take great care in the pauses when reading.

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