Kiss Off

“I hope you know
that this will go down
on your permanent record
Oh yeah?
Well dont get so distressed.
Did I happen to mention that I’m impressed?”

Last night, I saw a great friend of mine play in his band, The Telepaths. The show was a breast cancer cure fundraiser, and, having nearly missed early detection four years ago (yes, I almost even missed finding the inkling of possible cancer had it not been for my intuition and insistence), I believe any type of awareness is positively vital, no matter how small a gathering. Everything counts in large amounts, the boys from Essex said.

The Telepaths are comprised of my buddy PMcD; a blast from my high school past who used to call everyone “a piece of shit”; and Cory from the popular group The Cells (for last night). The Telepaths did a raw version of “Cover Me” (Springsteen), a kickin’ cover of “Dirty Work” (Steely Dan) and a dirrrty version of “Area 51” (with Hoopa Freaks)! I much enjoyed the soulful, searching ballad for “Susan Sontag”.

This all got me thinking about live band karaoke and what song I’d do. This one (Kiss Off-Femmes) is angry, and I’m not angry, but I imagine I could twist my pipes around it and really get salty on stage.

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