Which One of You Wrote with the Greasy Lipstick?

The Decline of Western Civilization
Penelope Spheeris (1979) 

RE: Claude Bessy (Slash editor, raconteur, Catholic Discipline ringleader)

Excerpt “From Los Angeles to the Haçienda: The Ballad of Kickboy & Philomena“:

“But the segment where a certain he holds court is different; even the hardcore punks look like poseurs next to Claude’s poetically splenetic rants. Claude, whose poison pen reviews in Slash were signed with the unassailable pseudonym, “Kickboy Face,” is a profane French chain-smoker who is utterly contemptuous of any kind of hipster canonization of punk or any other music form. When “Decline” director Penelope Spheeris asks, ‘Does Kickboy have a lot of enemies?,’ he practically spits out his reply: ‘I should hope so, otherwise I am wasting my fucking time.’ ”

New book on Claude & Philomena (Slash Years, Photos)

Kickboy on New Wave


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