Poem, Delirious Hem, “Chick Flix”

“An Introduction to the Chick Flix series” by Jennifer L. Knox with a poem by Lina ramona Vitkauskas

“Tomorrow, we’ll kick things off with Nancy McGuire Roche’s homage to Barbarella. Until then, let’s dim the lights and watch a poem by Lina ramona Vitkauskas.


Wanda & I were in a very important biology,
economics, or political science course.
The last time I saw a mallard. When I excused
myself from the party, baseball in a poem—here.
Like a fur coat, interesting place, China. I saw the sky—
sugar, bloody brandy, pool rooms. Cooperation is the
essence of efficient corporations. Something off my chest—
but I’m too heavy. Suddenly, all the planets simultaneously
there—like a lost crayon. It was 5pm, and I realized
I’d missed the whole class, they were locking up
the lecture hall & Chicago turned into
I can be very demanding & critical.
Love should feel good.

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