Poetry News: 2014

So I have a few back-dated as well as TBD announcements:

1. December 2013: the awesome Brian Lucas (Oakland, CA)—who puts together a lovely project called POETBOOK—published a few of my poems from Professional Poetry (accompanied with cool visuals). Check it out here.

2. Requited Journal poems here. These poems were from my e-pub, HONEY IS A SHE (Plastique Press, 2012).

3. My newest book, Professional Poetry, IS OUT ON AMAZON. Buy it, love it, kiss it, hold it.

4. In a few months, I have a short statement + poems coming out in Atticus Review (alongside my partner-in-crime, Larry Sawyer).

5. Was just asked today by Ping Pong for work; I’ll be featuring the poems I’d written (and elaborated upon since) in collabs with conceptual artist, Tashi Ko (based in Vancouver/Seattle).

6. Book trade with the Philly prince of ixnay press!

7. My next book, SPINY RETINAS, is due out next month (hopefully) on Mutable Sound. So. Very. Excited.

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