Poem: May All Beings Enjoy Happiness (Maitri Says)

Each day is a rabbit.
Everything is an uncomfortable list;
it is everything that is uncomfortable,
this is the point. Hummingbird, whale,
rabbit, deer, dog, goldfinch—there is never
any future point, there is just now
and the next thing. A crown brain.
The next cradle mole burrowing,
the next thing: pain. The next thing: seed.
The next thing on the cloud. The next thing
you don’t want to know. The next goldfinch.
You are so beautiful to me, you have always
been a UFO to me. You have always been
a wave of mud to me. You have always. Been.

Spider. Switching ambulances. Death.
What do you see through me?
What do you make of it?
String and lanyards. What is my name?
Every day is a dog. I guess you caught rabies.
What is your “job,” the “enemy”, flint?
Where is the next holographic deer,
she is vain and bitter in daisy puffs. Where
is the riverbank, the nerves, the grapefruit?

Each day is a whale.
It is everything whole parted.
You are so foul to me, you have
always been a parcel to me. You have
always been ingenuous laughter. You
have always. Been. What do we know
about your egg energy: what do we know about
eggs? Storms are your favorite and longing
is the best way to write a poem.

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