Nominated! IL Arts Council, Two Poems from MOFA

Spoon River Poetry Review has nominated two of my poems from my collection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Secret Airplanes Press, 2018) for a 2020 IL Arts Council Award!

In most countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is the government department responsible for state diplomacy as well as for providing for the country’s citizens abroad—often displaced persons. This collection of recorded “releases” (poems) leverages the idea of a government entity created to protect its citizens and applies it to the authors’ parents—MOther & FAther—displaced people of WWII who experienced immigrant hardship and inherited PTSD, which triggered abuse and addiction—and who were then, in turn, unequipped to protect their children (citizens) from the epigenetic trauma of displacement. This is the author’s protective “document”—these are her “papers”.

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