Plukanian poem at Boston CyberArts Gallery

Excited to announce that my collaboration with visual AR artist and curator Michael Lewy will be a part of an exhibit called Alpha 60 at Boston CyberArts gallery.

Michael is a visionary artist and curator who worked with Hoverlay on this multi-geo-locational installation.

Plukanian Poem

Kappa (presses) KOO

The visator (detects) KOO

We do not rank differently

You and I

(From) Tentura to Antitentura

(Not just) tsapas but trankulucators 


Currency ketseh

Only a light to etsikh 

We are living in a fiction

Dragged from our souls 
by our tsaks


We are running out of luts

How much scarcity 

Do. We. Need?

From the form of pepeltats

from a fascist caterpillar

Brother, sister: can you spare a chatl?

Please put on your respirators.

You are your own KOO
Restrained or released by your 

You are just a tsapa in the machine.


Plukanian language

  • Koo – All words, with the following exceptions:
  • Kyu (pronounced “kyew”) – any profanity
  • Ketseh (pronounced “keh-tseh”, emphasis on the second syllable) – matches (or, rather, the chemicals ordinarily used on Earth for match heads)
  • Chatl – a currency unit
  • Tsak – a small bell worn on the nose to indicate the low social status of the wearer
  • Tentura and Antitentura – two opposite parts of the Universe. Some planets and galaxies exist in Tentura (including Earth, number 013 in the Tentura, seventh in Spiral) and some in Antitentura
  • Pepeltats – an interplanetary spacecraft (from the Georgian პეპელა p’ep’ela, “butterfly“)
  • Tsapa – a component for different machines. A “big tsapa” is a very important component for the pepelats. A “small tsapa” is a component for the gravitsapa; without the small tsapa, a gravitsapa will not work. Tsapa is similar to a very rusty screwnut
  • Gravitsapa – a component for the pepelats which allows intergalactic travel (from “gravity” + “tsapa”)
  • Trankulucator – a weapon
  • Visator – compact device, detects difference between Patsaks and Chatlanians
  • Kappa – a button or lever
  • Luts – the fuel used by the pepelats, it is made of water
  • Chatlanin – being with a high social status (detected as “orange” on a Visator)
  • Patsak – being with a low social status (detected as “green” on a Visator)
  • Ecilop – a policeman (“police” spoken backwards)
  • Etsikh – a box for prisoners; also the imprisonment in such box (as a penalty); also “the Etsikh” is a jail with many such boxes (“Etsikh” is from the Georgian ციხე tsikhe, “prison”). “Etsikh with nails” is a hard punishment.

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