White Stockings


Historically, the Baltic nations and other former Soviet republics have been locked in a struggle with Russia to maintain autonomy. Dictator Vladimir Putin, specifically, has installed puppet government officials, infiltrated societies with propaganda to exercise soft power, and committed outright war crimes by illegally annexing its independent neighbors—basing his logic on solopsistic views of history.

To date, 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have died defending their right to be independent.

As a Lithuanian-American, I am deeply disturbed as events continue to unfold in this region. My family members were closely tied to tragedies that resulted from the post-WWII annexation of the Baltic states by the Soviet Union. Ukraine deserves to remain free and independent—to start anew as part of the EU, should they choose—and move forward into a prosperous future.

The goal of this book is to bring further awareness to the Ukrainian conflict by using the mythology of Baltic female snipers and the internal and external struggles they face as they possibly commit to a sense of duty or concede to a more compassionate place within. As they fictitiously contemplate or complete acts against Russian aggressors, it brings to light the role of precision by way of a sniper’s scope: what is blurred or clear in or outside the range of a target, or, what is narrow-minded, calculating, and fixated? Even broader: how do we, as human beings, want to live: peacefully, globally, sustainably OR power-mad, warring, isolationist, and all-consuming?


Copyright – Lina ramona Vitkauskas (Standard Copyright License)
Edition – 2nd Edition
Publisher – White Hole Press
Published – 2016
Language  – English, Lithuanian
Pages – 48
Binding – Perfect-bound
Paperback, Full color
Dimensions (inches) – 6 wide x 9 tall



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