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“The poetic worlds Vitkauskas creates are like reverse matrioszka, nesting dolls that only expand rather than recede.”  —Mark Tardi, The Circus of Trust (Dalkey Archive Press, 2017)

New Cinepoem Series • Mosaic of Time

I’m curating a monthly cinepoem series for Mutable, my former publisher. Please check out “Mosaic of Time” on a monthly basis to view future, featured cinepoets and the evolution/creation of a “mosaic” film. Stay tuned!

Private Lives • OCAD Online Exhibit

Very pleased to announce that one of my cinepoems is featured in this OCAD School of Continuing Studies Exhibit! I am a student at OCAD currently, finishing my Digital Skills certificate in late 2021.

Keeping Up With The Huidobros • (New Cinepoem, 2021) It began with Chilean poet, Vincente Huidobro. The opening / preface of his poetic masterpiece, Altazor, launches into a metaphysical cascade of imagery. This was exciting to a young poet like me—at age 29 with some Spanish knowledge and seeking a manifesto to climb (the name “altazor” is a combination of the noun “altura”…… Continue reading Keeping Up With The Huidobros • (New Cinepoem, 2021)

SELECTED! 9th International Video Poetry Festival • Athens, Greece (2021)

I AM THRILLED to have 5 of my short-short cinepoems selected for the 9th International Video Poetry Festival in Athens, Greece in March 2021 The International Video Poetry Festival is organized and promoted by the Institute for Experimental Arts in cooperation with Void Network. Every year, the committee of the Institute for Experimental Arts selects…… Continue reading SELECTED! 9th International Video Poetry Festival • Athens, Greece (2021)

Poets • (New Cinepoem, 2020) – Featured on Moving

In 2013, I set out to write a poetry book that raged against the poetry MFA machine within the corporate-modeled university system. At that time, it was clear that, over the decade previous, universities, which employed most of the poets and writers whom I knew, were looking to level any sense of artistic freedom and…… Continue reading Poets • (New Cinepoem, 2020) – Featured on Moving

Scarcely Gilded • (New Cinepoem, 2020)

From a new poetry collection, “Between Plague & Kleptocracy: Invented Poetic Creations & Conversations of Seva & Bill”, in which I cross-reference poems between Vsevolod Nekrasov & Bill Knott to serve as medium and “translator” of their posthumous conversations / invented collaborations. The poems are written in the voice / tone / style of both…… Continue reading Scarcely Gilded • (New Cinepoem, 2020)

Push <> Pull • New Cinepoem (2020)

After Jeffrey Gibson’s exhibition “Like a Hammer” at Seattle Art Museum (2019), I was inspired to continue exploring more deeply the pagan aspects of my Baltic culture. Gibson explores his own Native American heritage: his works include large and mid-sized figurative objects, text-based wall hangings, a selection of illustrious Everlast beaded punching bags, painted works…… Continue reading Push <> Pull • New Cinepoem (2020)

Finalist! Cinepoems at Festival Fotogenia, Mexico City

I am thrilled to announce that my White Stockings cinepoems—in collaboration with filmmaker & visionary / media artist Tess Cortés—have been selected as finalist for the upcoming Festival Fotogenia in Mexico City this December. FOTOGENIA is the first international film poetry and divergent narratives festival of its kind in Mexico City, promoting a space for alternative conception…… Continue reading Finalist! Cinepoems at Festival Fotogenia, Mexico City

Nominated! IL Arts Council, Two Poems from MOFA

Spoon River Poetry Review has nominated two of my poems from my collection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Secret Airplanes Press, 2018) for a 2020 IL Arts Council Award! In most countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is the government department responsible for state diplomacy as well as for providing for the country’s citizens abroad—often…… Continue reading Nominated! IL Arts Council, Two Poems from MOFA

Uncovering Old Projects • ÜMWELT

Back in 2005 (?!) I was a 30-something, passionate-struggling-copywriter-poet who began a diary-of-sorts on MySpace about my pending divorce. It was extremely painful, but also liberating and necessary in a very Buddhist-groundless way (in hindsight). Around that time, I was researching family stories passed down through old documents and interviews with my grandmother, and I…… Continue reading Uncovering Old Projects • ÜMWELT

Finalist! Cinepoems at Ready Freddy Film Festival

YES! My White Stockings cinepoems will be featured in the Ready Freddy Film Festival August 24 at The Den Theatre. The festival highlights alternative and original work within the Chicago area as well as international work. 

Interview, The Conversant (with Virginia Konchan)

Originally published on The Conversant (March 2016). Interview by poet Virginia Konchan. Conversant: In your own history, as a first-generation American of Lithuanian descent, you describe feeling a degree of alienation from your relatives who were born in Lithuania or Ukraine—or who had been through the war. Is there a healthy form of displacement—at least…… Continue reading Interview, The Conversant (with Virginia Konchan)

Poems, Vilnius Review

Poems from 2017 issue of Vilnius Review—so grateful to Marius Burokas for publishing them! A sample:– Citizen (Lina)I braided my hair until I found a bloody stalk,yanked up with a sharp breath, as if I’d drowned.My dreams of Gediminas:        his tungsten ribcage, fangs     flashing, corpus          blown apart, singular         carbon   flecks          Lupus*-born.I severed…… Continue reading Poems, Vilnius Review

Semi-Finalist! Cinepoems at Cadence Video Poetry Festival

So honored that White Stockings cinepoems have been selected as a semi-finalist for the Cadence Video Poetry Festival in Seattle in two weeks! While White Stockings will not be shown this time around, the Artistic Director of Northwest Film Forum has reached out to Tess and I to inform us that they plan to show…… Continue reading Semi-Finalist! Cinepoems at Cadence Video Poetry Festival